Happiness is handmade.

A brand born from a love of cooking and a more natural, colourful and integral diet. With change in mind and inspired by our tastes and needs, Myintegralis is a true reflection of our lives, with a focus on sharing, inclusion and well-being.

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for the whole family

Sweetened only with fruit, our range includes a baby-friendly cake mix. With a light oat and banana flavour, it's ideal for snacks for little ones and as a cake to celebrate the first years of life.

love at first bite

An infallible formula that results in fluffy, delicate cakes with authentic flavours. Perfect for sharing a moment of freedom and creativity in the kitchen, while savouring every last crumb!

without guilt or fear

Simply labelled and free from preservatives and artificial flavours, our products contain carefully selected ingredients from organic farming. Free from  refined sugars, gluten, lactose and any other animal product.