The myintegralis project was born in 2014 by Carolina, as a way of developing her taste for healthy cooking. At the time it was just a personal blog, where she shared recipes and tips to help with the transition to a more conscious diet. As her taste and study grew, the introduction of vegetarian meals made more and more sense.
The ecological and sustainable approach made the definitive switch to a vegetarian diet inevitable. From that moment on, the project, in addition to its initial purpose, became a family bond, in which Cristina and Alexandra joined the project in the same way. A short time later, the first invitation came to organise a workshop introducing vegetarian food in Ovar, where the three sisters live. This experience sparked an interest in training and close contact with people. From then on, the organisation of workshops became regular. Sharing went from virtual to real and the project began to take on new shapes and ambitions.

The myintegralis agency was founded in 2019 and designed as a space for learning and developing all kinds of projects linked to the initial purpose: sharing and spreading the word about vegetarian and healthy eating. The space is an extension of their homes, with a cosy and informal atmosphere so that everyone feels at ease and comfortable enough for learning to flow naturally. It also includes the development of external projects, such as catering, creating vegetarian menus and dishes for restaurants, producing content for magazines and articles, among others.

The team is made up of enterprising, young and dynamic people with backgrounds in various areas of expertise (health, marketing, cookery and nutrition) in order to overcome the challenges that arise.